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Saturday, September 22, 2012

And Mars Just Sits There

I stay up late at night
worried about how 
I may have been judged
cataloguing my faults
worrying at the ones
I haven’t counted yet
but may well be counted by
others who can see them
so easily since they can 
so easily observe me 
from the outside

And roiling over 
in social disjointed 
image soaked media
till all hours
just to avoid 
the laundry
till I’m nauseous with tag lines

And then Mars just sits there
the little rover, far from home
just sits there on Mars
where all that was 
has passed away

where the rock
the sun
the wind
the dust
just there


  1. Our minds play such tricks on us, don't they, over & over again the thoughts keep coming. There is a settling in your poem at the end, hope it's true. I love that 'nauseous with tag lines'.

  2. Thanks for the comment Linda! How funny that I wrote this, which was generated from concerns about words, and then read your post on the same topic. Must be in the air. Thinking about what exists beyond our planet always helps me reset my perspective and settle down.