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Saturday, March 1, 2014

March First

Today March comes in like a lion
Silent, it stalks in behind the fog
No roaring no flash
But the big cat, crouched 
Its baited breath draws
Precipitates from the mist
When I look again
Grains of snow dance without sound
The house cat walks across my hands 
to sit on the window sill
and stare, wide-eyed, at the world.


  1. Welcome to the Slicing community! What a wonderful poem Katie! Full of the sinewy energy of the members of the cat family. Love the connections between the lion, the cat and the snow to start the month of March.

    1. Hi Max! So glad to see you here too. And I look forward to seeing a few student slices as the month goes along.

  2. Love the image of the lion stalking as the weather changes and become more hazardous. Great poem Katie, glad to see you are back.

    1. Thanks Elsie! It was quiet as a lamb yesterday but lots of folks were sliding around on the road!

  3. Are you really back, Katie! So happy to see you here! Beautiful poem & pic. Now you can be happy to have a cat, more to write about!

    1. Hi Linda - I couldn't stay away. Since I'm writing in the morning anyway I'm using SOL as a little warm up. The cat, Molly, is quite a creature of habit and, as soon as I sit down in the morning, walks across my hands to stare at the bunnies outside!

  4. I can hear the silence in this piece. The stalking, the watching and the waiting of the big and little cats as well as the weather. Nicely captured.

  5. Thanks for painting that beautiful picture, KtP! Can't wait to read more...each day!