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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day Bike Ride

Today's bike ride: Two large raptors with white band on back of their tails so maybe Northern Harriers? One large raptor with a rosy tail. One smaller raptor - looked Kestrel like. Many canvasback ducks, American coots who move their heads like chickens, canada geese, many pairs of Mallards, doves, pigeons, robins and crows. Redwing blackbirds perched on cattails at regular intervals sounding like spring. Lots of praire dogs and bunnies.  No swallows in the mud nests yet and still waiting for the beautiful migrating pelicans. I like living in a healthy ecosystem.


  1. I did not see all of that on my walk...geese, ducks, red tailed hawk, blue jay, squirrels. But glad to see those. Yes, spring is finally showing her face. Jackie

  2. Wow! You see details in those birds out there. I recognize an occasional cardinal or robin.

  3. I think I saw someone post on Facebook that they've seen some pelicans. Maybe they're over near the foothills. Fantastic sightings, Katie!

  4. So great to take the time to notice nature! We live by a lake and drive by it intentionally to point out all of the wonders nature has to offer!