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Monday, April 4, 2011

Helping the Kids with Homework

3^2 is 9 not 6
Radulae are tongues with teeth
Tall taller small smaller
D’Aulaires’ Myths
2^3 is 8 not 6
If you have more than one you have octopodes
Because Roman’s tried to learn Greek
Inside Outside Upside Down
Concave up and concave down
2^4 is 16 and so is 4^2
Grill chill spill fill
Say cephalopod five times fast
Now say teuthologist
Points of inflection are beautiful
Mr. Brown is out of town
Why was Kierkegaard so sore at church?
I have no teeth on my tongue
They are stuck to my jaw with gum
Snack pack silk milk
Brush your radula
Cuddled on the couch
Riddles in the dark on the way to hunt Smaug
Kiss, tuck, pray
That’s it for today

1 comment:

  1. My mind is reeling; how do you do it? It's great to see all the topics (answers) & try to figure out the questions. Nice rhyming too!