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Sunday, March 27, 2011

And After They'd Killed the Dragon...

It is spring break and, inspired by the fact that I have found time to write my slice each day, I have decided to commit an hour a day to writing for the week.  This morning it turned into an hour and a half, more if you count this slice writing now.  I am writing a book and trying hard to ignore all the reasons shouting in my head that I shouldn’t bother.  It is becoming a secret indulgence.  I get so excited about the story; I have the plot all mapped out and have written most of my favorite bits a few times over.  But now there are these parts that I approach with dread.  How do I get my characters from important fun bit number one to important fun bit number two.  They are a bunch of heros on a quest, but sometimes there just seems to be a lot of hiking involved between monsters and storms.  Well today I found out that my characters really like just hanging out with each other and they are just as much fun when they are not in a pinch.  Writing every day is teaching me to trust that when I sit down to write something will come out – I don’t have to have it all planned out ahead of time.  Oops – my youngest is throwing up in the bathroom – writing is done for today.


  1. It's just great that you are trying a thing 'new' for you, working hard amidst all the other things you do. But in addition to the 'work', I guess it is such a pleasure too, & a reward for the other details finished. Good for you, Katie. I can't wait to see if you'll share some of your story! (Best of luck with the 'young one'!

  2. The thing I love most about this post is that you are writing away, living the life of a writer, when....real life intrudes. :) Great reminder to all that writers are real people with real lives, just like us.