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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I ate nothing but cookies today

I ate nothing but cookies today: Girl Scout thin mints.  I slept in ten minutes, so skipped breakfast and no time to make lunch.  I walked into our office and there they were, sitting on the bookshelf, minty chocolate, one sleeve already opened.  Now, I do keep very healthy cereal in my desk drawer for just such a time, but I’d overfilled my morning and didn’t have time to walk across to the cafeteria for the milk. “Just one thin mint to tide me over,” pop! Mmm, “one more perhaps,” pop!  And off to Latin class.  Then an anxious math student worried about today’s test, pop! Talk with another teacher about next year’s class configuration, pop! Pop! Oops, lunch meeting in three minutes – too late to run across to the cafeteria, pop! Pop! Pop!  I was having a little trouble focusing. I get nervous speaking in meetings under the best of circumstances, but all the important things got talked about and I managed to jot down some good pointers.  At one o’clock I had fifteen minutes till my appointment with a student who had missed the last two weeks of math class.  Just enough time to run out and buy a burrito.  Tonight I’m making lunch before I go to sleep and I’m giving up cookies for Lent!


  1. I have to say that I found great comfort in this post, since I came home from school tonight completely exhausted. I, too, indulged in the minty chocolate Girl Scout cookies. I believe that I polished off half a sleeve shortly before my dinner. As I read your post, I definitely identified with the pop! Mmmm! of the Thin Mint experience!

  2. Hah! I know about those days, & this one particularly filled up, didn't it? Things, & people, kept coming. Nice that you had the mints however. I like the ending, very fresh-& minty!

  3. I like the "pop" in the piece. They do pop in so quick and easy, but the end result is not so pleasant.

  4. I wish I could say I've never eaten just cookies all day...but I'd be lying. Somehow they just slip right down!

  5. Your title immediately had me wondering if that made it a really GOOD day (cookies of joyful indulgence) or a really BAD day (cookies of escape from stress). Cookies could go either way. You had me smiling--cookies of innocent convenience are better yet!

  6. Ha ha! Hilarious! I have more in the library and the Spanish room if you want! :) Consider them backup!