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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking through Hubble in 3D

Three Three-line Three-Minute Poems:

Romantic inspirations twinkling above
Tight Embraces fusing elemental compounds
Weight increasing to an explosive iron nova

Dervish whirlpools in the swift dance of eons
Sucking stars into their crushing chocolate centers
Spread along the bubbled edges of sea foam

Chaos theory miracle of spontaneous appearance, or seeded, or created,
A mystery floating through nets of space and time
Encased in the violent beauty of our blue jewel


  1. I always love to see the range of possibilities with poetry. I enjoyed reading your three poems and catching a glimpse of the range possible with this particular type of poem.

  2. Well, there are all those descriptions that move along well with the gorgeous photos I have seen from the Hubbell--the color, & the movement & the sheer violence it seems to show from the heavens--is all here in your poem. It's as if you exploded those words on the page. And I really think you must have, in three minutes! I hope to get to try it with students soon, but I will also try it. Thanks Katie!