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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Out of the Starting Gate

A slice of life from Denver every day for a month.  Lets see if I can do it!

Dropped my oldest of at 6:30am! for her high school philosophy class.
Had chai with my second oldest, she worked on math while I worked on my novel - wrote one sentence in a half hour - then dropped her off at her middle school writing club.
At work, today was the first day of Latin class since break.  The students and I decided it would be best to hold class at Starbucks, so we did.  Translated a cartoon about the Saturnalia and had more chai.
Back at school had to find a costume designer, a theologian, an expert on ocean ecosystems and a cartoonist to meet with students for field trips.  Found all but cartoonist - I think he changed his e-mail.  Checked out Art Museum's upcoming exhibit: Cities of Splendor: A Journey through Renaissance Italy - So excited!  Now off to teach Algebra - graphing rates of change in height of water as we fill up several odd looking vases.  Maybe drink one more chai? Then staff meeting.  Husband is picking up all four kids and cooking dinner.  Drive home, feed, launder, bathe, read to, kiss and tuck in children.  Talk with husband and work on sketch of Jupiter's clouds - they look like some kind of tapestry. Fall exhausted into bed about 8pm.


  1. You weave your routine in an engaging manner. Hope you have a spring break coming up!

  2. You did it! I looked this am & there it was. What a day you've had. Your brain must have been on supercharge! Nice writing!