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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday’s sweet delusion

Ah! Saturday!  To swim slowly up to quiet consciousness, no alarm clock, fully rested, the day spread out before us, unscheduled and pregnant with potential.  Warm husband, sleeping children, hmm… the possibilities. J And then think what we could accomplish in this empty day!  All those things we usually don’t have time for but live in the back of our minds – we could lounge together, go for a long walk, stand ‘round the piano and sing a few tunes, paint a mural, go swimming, go to a museum, read Midsummer Night’s Dream aloud and all take different parts.  We could finish the quilts, cook something fun, clean the kitchen, the garage, clean the whole house even, from top to bottom using only non-toxic organic homemade cleaning products.  We could wash all the laundry; go through all the papers that lie in piles here and there.  I could look online at colleges with my daughter.  I could help the boys clean their desks so they don’t have to do their homework on my bed. We could even finish doing the taxes.  And, of course, I could take some time and really write, 5000 words at least if I set my mind to it. We could do it all today!

I know, I know – the day will unwind itself into a dozen half knotted strings.  I lie in bed, drifting back to sleep.  The sun grows brighter and, as time washes over me in great lethargic waves, I relish my sweet delusion of an open day.


  1. Great post. I loved how you described the potential of a weekend day. It was calm, which is nice since my two daughters are currently fighting on the couch next to me. ;-)

  2. It is so nice when there is nothing pressing and you can drift in and out of could, before it becomes have to. Nice post!

  3. Your introduction is fantastic. Love the phrase - 'pregnant with possibility'. I wouldn't have thought of using those words together. I'm writing it in my notebook. Thanks for a great post. :)MaryHelen

  4. It's interesting that so many have written about Saturday, whose cup evidently does runneth over, at least in our minds while still in bed in the am. HA! I loved how you told us all, and put in just that small part about the unknotted strings. They're intriguing too, you know.

  5. unwind into a dozen half knotted strings... I love that phrase. Of course aren't knots on a string supposed to be a way of remembering...

  6. What a wonderful experience to have a whole day to live it.
    To feel, to breahte...
    Lucky you, I have school on Saturdays, but I can not complain, I enjoy them.

    Have a very nice beggining of the weekend xD