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Sunday, March 3, 2013


I’ll get up early, write then swim
I sleep in
I get up later and write 
I’ll write till 7, then take my son and go swim
I write till 8
I'll take my son and swim, we’ll get home at 9 and I’ll take my daughter to the writer’s workshop
We swim till 10
I’ll take my daughter to the writer’s workshop and meet husband and boys downtown at 1
We aren’t ready to leave till 11
I say to my husband “We’ll meet you downtown at 2”
My youngest son throws up
“Never mind,” I say. “We’ll come back home at 2:30”
My daughter and I write till 3
We make it home by 3:30
I take my older son to the branch library for his research project at 4, the library closes at 5
“That’s an interesting topic,” says the helpful librarian.  “I’ve never looked for information on the space programs of monsoon Asian countries before.  Perhaps upstairs in the college library?”
At 4:45 my son and I are sitting on the floor in the stacks looking in the indexes of a dozen books on Asia and space.  They blink the lights.  The library is closing.
We make it home with a pile of books - what to make for dinner?
Husband and older son will leave at 6:30 to go juggling
Dinner is on the table at 7
They leave at 7:30
Sick son feeling a little better.  I tuck him in.
I’ll just write a quick slice.  I’ll be done by 9
It’s 10


  1. The ups and downs of life. What a day you had, thoroughly enjoyable to read it. I'm exhausted for you. :-)

  2. I like how you started and finished the busy day with writing.

  3. Writing and reading woven into every day! Same here!

  4. I purposely scrolled down to see who got theirs in first today. Good for you for not letting a busy day get the best of you! Prayers for an easier tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That was awesome! I feel like a lot of times these days I could write a I was going to, but... except mine wouldn't be as productive or fun.

  6. Love the way you wind us through your day! Busy but all good stuff! - well maybe not the sick son! :)