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Friday, March 1, 2013

Today a List of Stories

The alarm
Tea - don’t forget to get the tea going before you get in the shower
Find something clean in the dryer
Start the shower
Wake the kiddos
A little light, a little kiss
Same for hubby
Water’s hot
brush teeth
“Are you ready? Are you out of bed? We have ten minutes!”
The tea, remember the tea
Drive teen daughter to high school
She talks about the story of Moses and
Slavery in the antebellum south
I think how everything, everything I know 
is knit into my memory as a story
At work I tell stories
About people who spoke Latin
About the invention of Algebra
I listen to stories
About why he wonders about stars
About how Tock, the new puppy, came home
About her love of bees and magic
We work on telling together
on how to say Eyjafjallajökull
and other fancy words

Drive home
Listen to stories about budgets and cardinals
both sequestered on the same day
In the grocery store we tell knock knock jokes
Buy a dizzy chicken - spinning while it cooks
Stories round the table
Stories before bed
Write a story for Slice of Life
Set the alarm
Bed and I tell myself the surreal stories of dreams.


  1. What a day! I really like that last line- "I tell myself the surreal stories of dreams."

  2. Busy day, busy life with so many stories to tell. Love your "buy a dizzy chicken - spinning while it cooks"! Thanks for sharing your day.

  3. Stories do surround our days and I enjoyed how you noticed yours. I especially liked buying the "dizzy chicken-spinning while it cooks". I think I might adopt that phrase and buy some dizzy chicken for dinner tonight.

  4. So many voices tell so many stories in our day. I love the way they flowed all day long. I love the term, dizzy chicken too.

  5. Listening to stories helps to slow down. If we could just catch many and remember. And don't forget the tea.

    1. Definitely remember the tea. A great inspiration for sitting down and telling stories!

  6. Hi Katie, Elsie beat me to it! I love the line about the dizzy chicken! I love this slice & know well that you tell stories, and write stories, and your kids are much enamored with stories. Must be from you, right?

  7. A true slice of life! This is great-I love the collection of ideas from moments of your day. The dizzy chicken, Tock the puppy, and the surreal stories of dreams. But one question remains...How DO you say Eyjafjallajökull???

    1. I don't know how to say it. I tried to listen to the speaker on google translate but that did not help much. Any help would be appreciated. Perhaps my student will learn how to pronounce it before I do and then she can teach me!