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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow Day in Three Acts

Snow Day in Three Acts                                              Saturday Snow
I want to paint my face like an ice dragon.                     Saturday snow
No it will get on your scarf.                                            nowhere to go
But it will come alive outside in the snow                      falls on the world
I’ll paint it when you come in                                         soft as
(from upstairs)                                                                cat’s feet
I can’t find any sweat pants!                                          (no that’s been taken)
Where’s my coat?                                                           kisses
Where’s MY coat?                                                        (could be mistaken)
Zip me up?                                                                     blankets the world in a silent shroud
I ate your coat.                                                              (oh, for crying out loud)
Oh so that’s where my boot was.                                   But this moment I have
Ow! My chin's in the zipper.                                          curled up in my chair
I’m going to throw the snow!                                        children outside
Can you throw your boot?                                            snow in the air
I need shoes.                                                                  running and falling
They’re in the bathroom.                                               sliding and calling
Mom, please tighten my boot tops.                                Shrieking with laughter
No! (like a pirate) Never!                                               how could I no?
Mom!                                                                             I suit up and go
(youngest, in the middle of chaos, spins 
around on a stool, chirping ‘no!’)
Can you tighten my boot so I don’t have to take my snowpants off?
I look like a marshmallow.
Take your school backpack upstairs. please.
Mom where are my gloves?
(youngest, still spinning on the stool)
Mom why do gorillas have such big nostrils? Because they have big fingers!
Oh no! My shirt’s on backwards!
(struggles to turn turtleneck around without removing bibbed snowpants)
Mom can you tighten my shoes now? I think I may overheat.
I look like a red marshmallow!
(sister shouts to brother upstairs)
Will you go get my hat? It’s on my bed!
(smallest brother)
I see my gloves! Mom will you lift me up? They are too high.
Get the step stool.
Mom could you help me get my other glove on?
Could you zip me up?
Where’s your hat?
Upstairs in my backpack.
sound of the clothes dryer
the dishwasher cycles
click of the computer keys
faint swhirr of the fan
soft flow of warm air from the vent
creak of the chair
Grandmere’s voice in my head
‘snow like feathers sign of good weather,
snow like meal snows a great deal.’
Snow skitters agains the glass
I break off an old leaf from the geranium
blooming a blood read burst against the white window
soft snap as the stem comes away, the smell of geranium
bubble of boiling water
sharp fresh smell of the tea
soft ceramic 'tunck', the lid on the tea pot
Muffled sounds of glee
through the window to the back yard
The door slides open
Mom come and help us! 
We can’t get the ball of snow on top!


  1. Love the sequence of the play! I could imagine my son asking for the same things! We've not had a snowfall that would lend itself to such a big beautiful snowman! Such fun!

  2. I love the photos and the set of poems that focus us with you. The poetic form works so well here. :)

  3. Really fun!! Lots of sensory details!! Love the pictures. This is a good reminder to write some poetry for slices. Thanks! I miss snow (Living in Indonesia for the first time)!

  4. Wonderful images and sounds. Felt like I was right there with you.

  5. I agree with Elle, I felt like I was there too. I loved the contrast of the frenzy of getting the kids dressed to play in the snow then to your quiet time. The collage is wonderful and perfectly compliments your piece. Really enjoyed reading your slice.

  6. This was an amazing slice - each frame was set to the perfect poem. I had fun reading through them...but not as much fun, clearly, as was had by you and yours!

  7. I love the new design, Katie. And this poem, three acts, is awesome. I could hear it, see it, feel it! It is chaos with Nathan, Barb & Carter (with the Bernese, Truman) here now & I love it-too quiet sometimes! Have a great day today!