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Monday, March 4, 2013

Neanderthal Mondays Part I

This March I’m taking a class on neanderthals on Monday nights.
The first thing was saw was a review of how neanderthals have been drawn over the ages.  Mostly the artists have portrayed a dominant societies projection of a contemporary alien ‘other.’
We really wanted to make sure we didn't look too related!

Skulls were this night’s view
Erectus, Heidelbergensis
Neanderthal too
brow ridge and occipital bun
zygomatic arch flat as my thumb
Large nasal chamber  to warm ice age air
Light eyes, red hair!
Then me and you
We have a chin now
But what does it do?


  1. Interesting take on the evolution of our chins! what do they do?

    1. Apparently we don't really know! Personally I thing we have them so we can hold the pillow while we put the pillow case on.

    2. Bwahahahahaaa! This made me literally laugh out loud! Maybe our chins are just for expressing jaw dropping shock! Holding the phone? Being able to tell when our kids are just too tall? Food for thought...

    3. Holding the pillow case ...the phone
      I think this will be my wonder Wednesday question...

    4. I really like using the chin to tell when kids are too tall! I will soon be the shortest person in a house full of towering men - didn't really think that through all those years ago!

  2. Ha! Katie, sorry I'm so late seeing this. Seriously, I thought the chin had to do with the jaw. Great "non-fiction" post (since we're talking so much about non-fiction).

    1. So did I - I thought we needed it for speech or something, but apparently not!

  3. Chins are for catching the dribble. Otherwise, food and liquid would fall straight to the ground. Waste not, want not!

    1. So that's why the neanderthals faded from the planet - lack of dribble nutrients!