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Friday, March 8, 2013

Planning Adventure!

Today was exciting and exhausting.  The students have all chosen what they will study this spring and I am planning adventures!  There are five of us who are field trip teachers.  We divided up the students by topic. We all have our favorites, but then there are some - like the student studying chocolate - we all want to plan that field trip!  I can’t help seeing the interconnections between the topics my students have chosen.  I have to suppress the desire to take all my student on all the trips I plan so they can see how every topic intertwines with their own.  
          There are three students studying the following: Paris, French pastry and France. We will go to Les Delices de Paris, a pâtisserie, speak some french and interview a friend who lives in Paris half the year.    
I have two students who want to know about medieval times. We will go to the cathedral and then hunt for dragons in the art museum.  
I’ve always wanted to get an actor to meet us at the cathedral in costume so it can really feel like time travel.  

I have three students who want to study ancient humans and ice age animals.  The Denver paleontologists just uncovered 6000 fossils last year in the mountains.
We will go to the museum run between the legs of mammoths and mastodons. 
I will take the chemistry students and the magic students to the chemistry magic show.  But the magic students will also meet with a magician, shouldn’t my sixth grader, who is studying lying be there too?  And my two young magicians should tag along on the day we interview an expert on lying and micro-expressions. Of course they should, magic is deception. 
And shouldn’t my older student, who is exploring illusions, accompany her classmate when we talk with the physicist about gravity and time?


  1. What an exciting range of interests and topics to explore! Do your really go on "field trips" or just virtual, cost efficient ones?

    1. Real field trips. Our official job title is 'field work instructor,' but the kids call us the OOBEEs - Out Of Building Experience Educators.

    2. Jealous! Your job sounds like a lot of work, but SO FUN! :)

  2. What a challenge to find field trips that will enhance their research and learning. You have an amazing job to make all this happen. I think I want you on my team for a trivia challenge.

    1. Between the five of us we've had a taste of almost every topic you can think of. Perhaps we should see if we could play Jeopardy as a team?

  3. I would like to teleport there and attend all your field trips.

  4. I want to be a part of your school... maybe a permanent chaperone? And what great ideas your students came up with for study topics! Good luck with all of the planning!!

  5. How fabulous! I am imagining that the planning is every bit as interesting as the trips themselves - especially with the range of interests and resources available. I want to go to your school!

  6. Wow! What a fabulous concept. I wish all schools did something like this. Love it!!

  7. You work in such a fun school! If only there were more like it.