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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dark Just Before the Dawn, on a Bike

My youngest child just learned to ride a bike today. We worked for about 20 minutes and he was ready to quit. This is my fourth time through this. I knew we were close. 
“Here,” I said, “Let’s just ride back to the gate and we’ll take a brake.”
“Mom, I want to walk.”
“Come on, one more time.”
“Mom! Why can’t I just walk!”
He started to walk, hands on the handle bars. I held the back of the seat. The bike didn’t budge.
He heaved a huge, exasperated sigh.
“Just to the gate.”
“I’ll make you a strawberry smoothie when we get inside.”
Another exasperated sigh.
He got on the bike. I ran along side, holding the back of the seat - faster, faster...I let go of the seat and stood still. He got to the gate and jumped away from the bike as it stopped and fell.  He looked around for me and saw where I was. His eyes grew wide.
“Did I do that !?!”
He could barely contain himself.
“I still want a break and a strawberry smoothie.”
“But then can we come out and ride some more?”


  1. Hurrah! For the new rider, and for the mom who's back is probably a little tired. I remember! What a nice story and what a nice mom to nudge and push and help and encourage. Love it! (glad you're liking Wonder, too).

  2. That is the way to do it! Bribe 'em. :0) I bet he felt so proud of himself. Fun rides ahead for the family!

  3. Great job! You knew he could do it! I guess I needed to know how to make a smoothie 26 years ago.