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Thursday, March 22, 2012

In a Chill Morning

Ever have you ever
In a chill morning
Early on the spring
Meant to go swimming 
But the warm bed held you
Just long enough 
So that after the alarm
You fell into a dream of water
stretching in every direction
breathing soft as a mermaid
wondering through caves 
of sun filtered coral and pearl?

Ever have you ever
Turned around slowly
Beneath the hot shower
In the grip of luxury
Even after you are clean
Putting off the stepping 
Out in a chill morning
Soaking in the heat
till you’d used up
all the hot water
then jumped out into a towel
and thought
I’ll go swimming 


  1. "Ever have you ever"... I like that

  2. Love the way you crafted this poem. I especially like the way the stanzas began.

    Love to swim (and take long showers). I could totally relate!

  3. Chill morning and swim just don't go together for me. Brrrr!

  4. Beautiful Katie. I love the lazy repetition, almost like talking to someone who's trying to get you out of bed.