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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Structured Potential

I’m trying to write a book. It’s on my bucket list - to really do it - properly.  I had lots of ideas and one grew and grew. It changed and branched. Characters grew into people who wandered through and worried at my dreams. Writing out some of the bits to get them from here to there was frustrating. The story dragged and languished. My friends were tired of me talking about it. I gave up in despair for a while, tired of wrestling with the behemoth. 

Then a friend encouraged me to take a screenwriting class. Now the story is alive again. It is amazing, like waving a magic wand.  Rewriting the story in a different form with strict limitations has swallowed up so many problems.  Like poetry, the form makes me choose.  The class is short so I just choose an option for now, perfection is some unspecified place down the road and I don’t need to worry about it today. I drown when there is just potential and nothing else.  Limitations are lifesavers.


  1. Maybe this is a lesson for us all, to set the parameters most of the time. I'm glad you've felt movement in your novel, Katie. It's so exciting to hear your excitement! Keep on!

  2. Write like the wind Catie! I love hearing how your characters grew and changed and branched. I am excited for you. Keep going. :)

  3. This is exciting. I love that a different venue/medium provided the impetus to keep going - and I love the word behemoth!

  4. I agree. Sometimes a particular medium just lends itself to your style. Like cartooning has done for me. And I actually consider it brave of you to tell others about a story in progress. Whenever I do that, I get brain freeze. :oP