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Monday, March 12, 2012


Right out of Aesop’s Fables
A bright sleek fox 
Hopped gracefully to the top of our gate
And down into our fenced-in yard
The fox chased a rabbit
Contemplated the tall fence all around him
Then he lightly leapt again to the top of the gate 
Dropped down into the field and fled
Moral: What holds your prey may hold you too!


  1. I can picture that fox! Pretty bold to jump in the fenced area, and pretty clever to figure out that wasn't the place to be!
    I enjoyed your glimpse into this fox's day.

  2. Katie, Ruth Ann told me that foxes will go into the enclosure and check it out before stalking their prey. They need to know they can get out. Wouldn't that make a good picture book? Thanks for this-lovely to capture the action.