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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Death’s touch today wrung out every heart
that comes within the compass of my own
and dumb I stood, lacking any art
that sympathies to sorrow could have shown

Pouting to myself, I cast a cloud
Selfish as a Jonah, badly used
brooding on my future in a shroud
all self pity happily excused

Though, soon as I had called, some comfort came
I shrugged it all away as if t’were naught
numbed myself in habit’s drudging shame
shunning tenderness so dearly bought

A robin winked at me one eyebrow cocked
to think I wept ‘cause time could not be stopped


  1. "selfish as a Jonah" love that phrase

  2. The third quatrain is so telling, moving your "story" along incredibly well, Katie. It's a beautiful sonnet. Wow!

  3. I keep rereading - admiring your sonnet.