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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is what happens when I stay up late watching TED videos :-)

We have only explored 5% of the oceans on our planet. 
The ocean is 70% of our planet.
There are lakes and rivers 
running along the bottom of the gulf of Mexico!
There is a waterfall...under water...under Iceland!
And the new creatures - so strange
The vampire squid is amazing!
It flies through the water with wings like ears
It glows
It shoots a bioluminescent confetti 
Glittering and confusing the enemy
It paints glowing eyes on its butt
and shrinks them to a pin prick of light 
so in the deep dark
it looks like it is receding, running away
but really
It is wrapped in its own black cloak
And the others - ones I had seen before - 
Leatherback sea turtles fewer and fewer yet
They have lasted one hundred million years
They used to watch T-Rex wander by as they lay their eggs.
Great urban wales in the sea lanes of the east coast
They are more highly stressed than 
The ones who live in the wilds of the arctic south
In the south the whales are fat and sassy
Romping near ancient ice
But 90% of the big fish are gone
In the last 50 years they have gone


  1. Wow, I love the way you have incorporated all of this information into such a powerful piece. I love watching TED talks, and it is definitely easy to procrastinate with that!

  2. Ooooo love the David Gallo talk on TED with the camouflaged octopus -- so amazing. I also like to pop over and watch Ken Robinson's and some of the other talks on education. It's like a mini-conference without leaving home.

  3. Just can't stop, like reading these slices. I'm rather stuck, & I know you've been watching Ted for a long time. This is amazing, Katie, with really deep info incorporated! Whew, lots of Ted I see.

  4. You crafted your words uniquely with all the information.I could hear your voice. A waterfall under water. Wow. Great use of the ellipses.

  5. Edward Cullen (Twilight) was a squid? Does Bella know? :o)

    I've been wanting to check out some of the Ted Education videos on YouTube, but I haven't had a lot of time since the weather warmed up. If you get a chance, could you email me the link for the one with the squid? I would love to see it!

    Peace and Laughter!