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Monday, March 5, 2012

Morning Mind

It is one of those mornings
my house is in order but 
my thoughts are not
I start three poems
I can’t get one thought to follow
behind another
My skin feels tight
I’m so grateful my clothes are all geranimals
so I can just where what’s on top of the pile
The radio takes forever to 
move off of politics 
and on to the weather
I pour milk over
mini-wheats and frozen blueberries
and fall on routine
waiting for my morning mind 
to settle in


  1. I like the geranimal pile of sure helps when your mind isn't ready yet. Love the morning mind!

  2. I like the way the thoughts did flow from one to another. This is a state of mind I find myself in often.

  3. Ah the balance of life, one thing in order while the other is not!

  4. I'm slow moving today on the comments & reading Katie. Sorry! I love your thoughtful poem, getting the thoughts in order & I think I do the same thing in the am (first this, then that, then...) I like 'my house is in order but my thoughts are not."

    I saw your comment at Bets'sBlog about Wonder. I'm about to finish it & will bring it into school by Thursday I think. It would be Wed., but I won't be at work Wed.

  5. The poem has the restlessness until the milk is poured. I like how you say: I can't get one thought to follow behind other.