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Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Little Word 2012: WONDER

I finally chose one little word for 2012.  I first heard about it on a morning radio show - the idea of choosing a word to frame the coming year. It is a word to think about, to ruminate on throughout the year. It is also a web community. I don’t yet know how to embed links into a post, but you can find it by googleing “One Little Word” and it is hosted by Ali Edwards. I watched as many friends and    fellow bloggers chose wonderful words to think about this year. Linda at “Teacher Dance” chose the word ‘comfort’ and has written about it several times.  I just couldn’t find one, till today one word kind of found me.  A word popped into my head that has already shaped the first three months of the year and I would like to hang on to it for the next few.  It is the word ‘wonder.’ I encounter an experience of wonder almost daily in my work - the amazing things I learn about and with my students.  Each member of my family fills me with wonder, with their existence and their antics, both good and odd. I watch in wonder as my children juggle and ride unicycles and I also wonder why it is so hard for them to get the bath towels off the floor and onto the towel rack. I like that the word is both a noun and a verb. So that is my revelation for the day. My word for 2012 is WONDER!


  1. Great word! Have you read Dana, She Writes Because today? If not, go and read, it fits your thinking. Keep wondering!

  2. Love your word. I think this is such a neat challenge/idea. I too heard about it awhile ago, never settling on one word. Hopefully my word will come to me as yours did for you.

  3. A good choice it made picking you! And now for the wonderment as we hear more of your ponderings on this word!

  4. I have had an interesting experience with my one little word this year. Hope you enjoy the journey.

  5. Wonder - what a wonderful word. Enjoy your experience. I chose 'Believe', but have not written about it as a post. Maybe I will this week.
    I like the way your writing invites me as if we are having a conversation.