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Saturday, March 3, 2012

True Love: Three Mundane Examples

  1. I come home from work on Friday. Three of our four children are ill. House is  a disaster area. I begin to restore a bit of order. I set the table, light some candles and wonder what to make for dinner. Husband and healthy son come in the door with dinner in hand. Surprise!
  2. Socks have been washed but not sorted for a week. That’s six people, so let’s see...12 socks a day, 8 or so days plus all the socks that could not find their mates from last week...mixed piles of socks blanket the living room floor. Four children watch a music video on the internet where socks are animated as fish. Suddenly the adult socks and the children’s socks begin swimming to different island pillows on the floor.  The teen socks swim up the stairs to the girls room.  The boys finish the game by loading their sock island into a blanket spaceship and blasting off to explore the closet planet in their room.
  3. 3 a. m. Healthy son is barfing all over the rug as he runs to the bathroom down the hall. I clean him up and fix up a bed in our room. Poor kiddo. As I go down to the kitchen to make him some ice chips I hear my sweet husband cleaning the carpet with the wet-vac.
I am so blessed.


  1. Such a true slice of everyday life, and yes, you are blessed (barfing aside). I hope the illness passes and heath is restored.

  2. Oh my that flu is just bad! Guess it'll be chicken soup this weekend, right? I love the way you swam from the socks to the 'rest' of the night & find you always ending beautifully. Wow, and I do know you are blessed!

  3. Oh the ups and downs of life! Thank goodness we have eachother to get us through - writing about it helps too. :)

  4. True love, truly! It's hard to explain to some how the mundane is the true test of true love and not the ability to stare lovingly into one another's eyes hours on end and receive diamonds (although that last thing is nice),

    1. Not that I would turn down any offered diamonds :-)

  5. Yes, you are blessed! I remember one time when my then Army husband was out of the country on a temporary duty assignment and our son got the flu. He barfed from the top bunk. I cleaned, and cleaned, honest I did, but a year later, when we moved out of that base housing...I still found traces of that incident in a corner of the room!