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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to not write in the morning when I have the time.

So yesterday I snuck away to the Lighthouse writers house in Denver, set myself up with a table and wrote for four and a half hours. Girls went to see the Hunger Games. Boys went with Daddy to play in the Apple store at the mall. I was guilt free and focused.  I wrote and wrote on something that did not have quite the right shape. At hour three and a half I had a brilliant flash as I realized that two of the characters should actually be one character. By the end of the last hour I was walking on air - everything seemed to fall into place and I could see where this whole thing was going!

This morning I got up early, worked out vigorously for an hour, came home and set up to write while all were still asleep - Got my favorite background music going. It was still dark so I lit a candle. I wrote in my head about how nice it feels to have a bit of candle light or fire light in the grey pre-dawn. I checked my e-mail. I ate breakfast. I poked around on facebook. The sun peeked up over the horizon. I reread what I wrote yesterday. Didn’t look quite so brilliant this morning. I watched youtube videos of cuttlefish for a few minutes. I marveled at the technology - I can idly wonder about cuttlefish and boom! instant gratification. 

The sun is fully up. The kiddos are stirring. I kick myself for piddling away two hours of prime writing time. Sigh...


  1. The gift of time.. I read the first paragraph and thought; "Wow, a writer."
    I read the second and thought: "So good, she is still human." Don't kick yourself. The info about cuttlefish may become useful in your writing one day.
    Thank you for your good wishes today.

  2. Time was not wasted. You worked out. You lit a candle, mentally wrote. You learned about cuttlefish. Sounds like an active mind and body at work.

  3. I just wrote this entire comment & it totally disappeared! What a great post! Congratulations on all the accomplishment in writing. I hope it does some help in moving forward whether you like it & keep some or hate it & dump it all. Plus, I loved your description of this am. How sweet it is to have that nice setting & just dawdle! Maybe your brain needed the r & r?