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Monday, March 5, 2012

What are you reading? (one day late)

I’m reading a lot of inspiring encouraging blogs
in quick morning moments
I’m reading screenplay pages from my fellow students
on Fridays before class
I’m reading The Hobbit and bits of Beowulf
as I drift into sleep
I’m reading Luke, out loud 
with my daughters on the way to school (teen is driving)
I’m reading Seven Daughters of Eve
How the Irish Saved Civilization
Brian Green’s The Hidden Reality and Icarus at the Edge of Time
to keep up with my students
And cuddled on the couch before bedtime
with the wind outside whipping around the trees
I’m reading Wind in the Willows out loud
calling in the spring with my boys


  1. The best: "I’m reading Wind in the Willows out loud
    calling in the spring with my boys". I think you are a busy woman! Nice way to organize your reading, into a poem!

  2. Our reading lists are always a slice of our lives aren't they?

  3. Love how you have framed your reading! It is better than a list.

  4. I love the alliteration "bits of Beowulf...whipping...wind...willows...cuddle...couch" -somehow it made me thing of the ebb and flow, the tide of all of our reading bits as they wash in and out of differrent parts of our reading lives.

  5. Love how you told your reading story!

  6. I would have to stop after the first line. What a rich reading life you lead.