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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Please Prove You Are Not a Computer

NAGVIn iturtac
Please prove you’re not a computer
ulopl gueseelo
I make mistakes on my own
ndleg spords
I change my mind
sitherel isersiber
I disagree
ednised ftstest
I am slow to process love
nciasp smencern
and grief
theauro dedise
I think therefore
tioneste rentmen
I am not a computer


  1. Oh how I'm getting sick of proving that I'm not a computer as I write comments. Enjoyed how you took that simple everyday moment and turned it into something deeper between the lines of computer gibberish.

  2. Katie, time for everyone to turn off the Captchas! This is wonderful. I have collected the words for a long time, thinking I might write a poem with them & you beat me to it. Aren't they just the most annoying things. I love the lines "I am slow to process love/nciasp smencern/and grief". With your knowledge of Latin, do these mean anything? See Christy Levine's post here: And thanks for my nice comment!

  3. Thank you - I thought it was just me. I sit here trying to decipher which letter it really is, type it in only to determine that's not the right letter.

  4. Amen! I hold my breath as I hit publish. I give a big sigh of relief when it goes through. Grrr when it says you didn't enter it correctly. Great, GREAT poem!

  5. I can't stand those things! The captchas make me crazy! (I have to do it every time I post comments on Blogger. Grrr.)

    I second what Linda said. You have to check out Christy's post. Same topic, different take on it. :)

  6. Half the time I can't figure out the captchas. Does that mean I'm a computer? Maybe I'm unaware of my computer status because someone programmed me to think like a human. 8-O

  7. Oh, I thought it was just me!

  8. hahaha, I love the way you interspersed the captchas with your really serious reasons you are not a computer! What a fun slice!

  9. Love this poem! Just last night, I was wondering if I was the only one who had trouble with those captchas. I keep messing them up, and then I feel like I was trying to do something I wasn't supposed to do. Thank you for making me laugh!

  10. First of all, I LOVE the poem. It is absolute genius. Then, I would recommend everyone who hates captchas to watch this 16 minuted video. It is well worth the time and will change the way you look at captchas forever. It did for me. Now I am eager to do them.

  11. You are reading my mind Catie. Love your poem. :)

  12. I hadn't seen this post before. Every time I have to enter those letter thingies (which I can never read, so I always have to do it twice) I think about writing a slice about them. So annoying! I am not a computer! Or a robot either!